Post-Processing for Still Life Photography

Digital photography is really a two-part process. Isn’t it?

You put a lot of energy into creating the photograph.

If you don’t follow through with the second step… You are REALLY doing your images a disservice.

This is true even if you don’t like a lot of photo manipulation or special effects.

Digital photography needs that little “push” to become the best it can be!

Stacey Hill has written us a three-part series on how to produce professional level still life photography.

So far, you should have studied the “basic principles of setting up a still life photograph,” and, secondly, “how to light a still life photograph.”

In this third and final installment, she will guide you through the post-processing of your still life photographs.

In this eBook she will cover…

  • Image file formats
  • The basic edits for any digital still life photo
  • How to get creative, save time, and produce a variety of finished products using Lightroom presets
  • Adding the “Wow Factor” to a still life photograph by applying textures, text, and brush effects
  • Special finishing touches that will make your image standout

Why settle for the BLAND image on the left?

When you can read this FREE eBook and then produce the stylish image on the right!

Photo Credit: Stacey Hill

Want More? 
If you’d like to learn each of the fundamental editing steps from a professional photographer, our Ultimate Guide to Fundamental Editing eBook is the perfect next step.

This eBook will give you a complete step by step guide to photographic post-processing that will change your photography forever.  Go here now to find out moreThe Ultimate Guide to Fundamental Editing

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