Photographing The Old & Abandoned – Free Quick Guide

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There’s certain magic in photographing old places and objects. Wouldn’t you agree? Almost every photographer has a few of these images in their portfolio.

Did you know that there is an entire genre of photography that has formed around the concept of photographing abandoned places? It’s called Urban Exploration, or Urbex- for short.

Unless, we have a special interest, we don’t need to go that far. However, if we’re on a Sunday drive, and we find a picturesque old barn, we want to get the best photograph possible. Today, you’re going to learn how to do just that- with Author and Photographer David Veldman’s Free Quick Guide: “Photographing The Old & Abandoned."

  • Learn how to deal with the low light: that you most definitely WILL encounter!
  • Discover what should be your primary concern: Shutter or Aperture???
  • Learn the Secrets to keeping Dynamic Range- Under Control.
  • Find out what the one accessory is THAT you really must have!
  • Gets some tips on whether HDR is a Friend or Foe…
  • Judge for yourself, do you need 5 lenses? Or will one suffice???
  • Get some insider info on the secret sauce for outstanding Pics- POV!
  • What makes a photograph of an abandoned place appealing? MOOD. Discover how to put the mood into your shots.
  • Black & White or Color? Learn why you might choose one over the other…

Photo Credit : Dave Veldman

» Download Your Free Guide Now
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