Outdoor Portraits – Free Quick Guide

One of the real benefits of adding outdoor portraiture to your photography skills is that it doesn’t require a large investment in equipment.

In fact, if you have a camera and some knowledge you’re ready to go.

A few key factors can make or break or your outdoor portrait attempt.

  • Have you taken a moment to evaluate the lighting? What direction is it coming from? Is the lighting harsh and direct or soft and broad?
  • What does the background look like? Is the background adding to the portrait or detracting from it? Does it overwhelm the subject? Could a simple change in camera or subject position create a better background opportunity?
  • Have you thought about the style of the picture? A portrait should say something about you and your subject. The use of style is one factor to help you communicate that message.
  • Preparation is vital. Nothing will kill the mood with your subject faster than them having to stand around waiting on you because you’re unprepared.
  • How do you connect with your subject, so that you capture more than just a representation of their face?

This eBook by Kevin Landwer-Johan answers these questions and more.

Photo Credit: Kevin Landwer-Johan

Want More? 
If you’d like to produce your own inspiring, memorable images that convey real meaning and emotion, our Art of Portrait Photography eBook is the perfect next step.

It covers everything you need to know to take consistently great portrait shots – lighting and posing tips, composition guidelines, getting great shots from minimal equipment, and much more. Go here now to find out moreThe Art of Portrait Photography

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