My First Product Shoot and How It Went – Free Quick Guide

Everyone stresses about approaching new photography challenges.

If you’re approached by someone to do a product shoot, what would be your answer?

Ludmila Borošová will guide you through the whole process, so you will handle your first “product” inquiry as a master!

When approaching a new problem, it’s best to look at it from the end: why do businesses hire photographers in the first place?

You need to realize there are different reasons behind the photoshoot of a product, as well as the audience who will be viewing the results.

In this guide, photographer and author Ludmila Borošová will share with you the details of setting up a successful product photoshoot, including…

  • Getting to know the client
  • Asking for advice
  • Organizing your assets
  • Finding a location
  • Prioritizing by the light source
  • Providing the client with a variety
  • Editing for accurate color

Photo Credit: Ludmila Borošová

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