Minimalism In Landscape Photography – Free Quick Guide

One of the really beautiful aspects of photography is that there are thousands of forms, or “styles” if you will, of photographs that can be created.

Learning photography is a lifelong (and evolving) process.

Recently, I had a conversation with one of Photzy’s writers, David Veldman.

Somehow, we got onto the subject of landscape photography and the “lone tree on the horizon” shot that we’ve all seen a million times.

Yet, we both agreed, that despite the familiarity of this type of image, we both absolutely love this type of photograph!

David said, “That’s because it evokes emotion through the use of Minimalism.”

He was right. I thought it, and then asked him to write us an article about that very subject, and he did.

It’s awesome! You’re going to really enjoy it.

And if you’re not currently practicing Minimalism in your landscape photography…

I think you may be convinced to give it a try.

The best thing about giving Minimalistic landscape photography a try? It costs you nothing. You already have everything you need. It’s simply an adjustment in thought process. Have fun!

Photo Credit: David Veldman

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