Lens Corrections – Not Just for Straightening Images – Free Quick Guide

I know a lot of you out there enjoy the technical side of photography, but you also like being creative.

This week, you are going to LOVE the topic of our free guide.

Plus, we have a new writer. His name is Paul McKeen.

Paul is just like you. He enjoys the tech and the art of photography.

He also likes to explore new ways to blend the two.

Our free guide this week is titled “Lens Corrections – Not Just for Straightening”.

For those who are unaware… Lightroom and Photoshop both contain tools for ‘lens correction’.

The primary purpose for these tools is to ‘correct’ for ‘lens problems’, such as straightening converging lines.

Paul began to explore the lens correction tools for creative purposes, and what he discovered is pretty darn cool!

Photo Credit: Paul McKeen

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