This is Your Chance to Truly Master Light And Produce Amazing, Inspiring Images of Your Own!

...by discovering the secrets to controlling, manipulating and 'reading' light used by the professionals.


Great photographers don’t just happen to recognize wonderful light lying around...


They study light.

They learn about it.

They MASTER how to recognize light, how to control it, how to make it, and how to manipulate it to their desire.

And THAT’s why they are great photographers!

And you can be a great photographer too.

Recently, I saw a discussion about a photograph that had everything going for it.

It was a nature scene (always a popular topic).

It involved wildlife (okay that should have upped the ante on the gratifying scale for an audience- but it didn’t!)

And the wildlife depicted in this photograph was engaged in some fierce action that was worthy of a National Geographic TV special.

But despite all of that-

People were yawning when they looked at this shot and the photographer wondered why?

It was bad light! Period.

Was that the photographer’s fault that they had bad light that day?

No way!

But- All was not lost- with the right knowledge…

Now, here is some secret sauce...

That photographer learned a few (light manipulation) tricks (from us at Photzy) on how to take that blasé image and turn it into the Camera Club award winning shot (that was there all along)!

How did this happen?

Because someone who knew how to recognize, control, and manipulate light… showed him how.

And that same person is going to show you how!


Introducing... “Understanding Light: Book Two”

Study this eBook, and you’ll become a master of light.

This guide will give you the ability to recognize, control, and manipulate LIGHT, taught through 155 Pages of Fast Easy Learning packed with illustrations, case-studies and assignments to verify your knowledge.

You’ll discover the secrets of ‘reading’ light used by the professionals, and you’ll be on your way to producing inspiring images of your own! 

Quick Customer Review:
“Very well written & easy to understand without all the other stuff that most do not need. Love the examples & teaching techniques. – Terry C.

What's covered?

Easy to understand, and easy for anyone to apply.
Just take a look at some of what you’ll discover in this guide:

Take a peek inside the eBook.

Here’s a little taste of what’s inside:

Organized into 15 chapters for easy self-paced study. (Click to enlarge)
You'll learn about light control for mood (Page 11)
Part of mastering light is acquiring knowledge about the tools needed. That's included too! (Chapter 15)
Discover how light plays such an important role in your photography composition (Page 77)

Lighting is Fun and Will Bring You Joy, Happiness & Success

Photographers know – it’s all about the light.

We constantly hear this message – soft light, soft light, soft light!

However, did you realize that breaking that rule can be fun, and bring you happiness, and it can get you noticed?

Why? Everyone else is using soft light. Going against the trend can be a good thing.

What are we talking about? We are talking about using “Squeezed Light” instead of a broad, even, soft, lighting. In other words, HARSH LIGHT!

Let’s look at some examples…

Using a tighter light pattern creates drama that you simply cannot achieve with a soft broad light source.

In fact, you can get so dramatic, that you can create mystery! Mystery is a good thing, because it creates curiosity, and the more curious someone is regarding your photograph, the longer they will look at it.

Just because a light source is more direct, doesn’t mean it can’t be flattering. It’s a matter of how you work the light onto your subject.

Playing with squeezed light opens up a ton of opportunities to create images that no one else is doing, and that makes it fun.

You should dedicate an entire weekend to shooting with nothing but squeezed light, and see what you can do!

Remember! Squeezed light is the opposite of broad, even, soft, light. You must devise ways to narrow the light source and make it more direct. You could even use a flashlight!

This is one of the many, many lessons you’ll get in this guide.

If you’d like to learn exactly how to master light, to improve your photography. And if you want access to all of the other photography lessons inside this eBook, click on the link below now.

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“We get it. Light is a variable...”

Maybe you traveled to a great spot- and the time of day was just wrong, or maybe it was a cloudy day, or even the opposite- maybe it was too bright.

Look at the picture of the river and the waterfall (above on the left)- it’s not great.

The light is flat as a pancake.

Now, we’re going to tell you something (and he probably wouldn’t want us to).

The author of “Understanding Light: Book Two” took this photograph.

You see?

It happens to everybody...But here is the difference:

He had the knowledge to manipulate the light- even in this situation- to create a dynamic shot (on the right) that is now earning him money (by the way)!

This is the exact knowledge he will share with you in this ebook.

Look at this example from the eBook: ☝️

“This photograph, of the sprinkler, required four lights, four light modifiers, two gels, three assistants, a double exposure, and kiddie pool. This was a real test in controlling and manipulating light.” – Kent DuFault

(You’ll see exactly how this shot was created in this eBook, are you ready?)

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An in-the-field training program with a professional photographer would be valued at around $500-$1000.

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Our authors pour all of that EXACT knowledge and teaching structure into our eBooks.

Our authors expertly craft every word in every chapter, to help you build on a creative skillset and truly master something.

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