What Do You, Beethoven & Van Gogh Have In-Common?

(And how on earth will knowing this help your photos stand out and get attention?)


It's true. As wacky as this all sounds, you do have something in common with these famous folks...

To explain, let me share a story.

I was sitting around a group of photographers at a coffee shop the other day talking about – well you know what we photographers talk about!

Anyway… one of them said something that caught my attention.

She said, “I’ve never won any kind of Award with my Photographs.”

I was kind of shocked, because, I think this woman is a pretty decent photographer.

Seconds passed before another member of the group spoke up…

Now, I’ve known this guy (the one who spoke up) for quite some time. He’s a professional photographer, and he has shot photographs for BIG companies all over the world.

Plus, he writes books on the subject.

He knows his stuff!

...So he says– “I can tell you exactly what will help you win more recognition for your photography.”

You could’ve heard a pin drop.

He bent forward and wrapped his knuckles on the wooden table.

Great composition wins awards.

He then leaned back in his chair and continued on.

“You can have the most beautiful model, or the most gorgeous landscape, and if your composition is crap – so is your image.”


We let that sink in for a minute.

And then…

He said, “Your photography is no different than Beethoven composing his “5th Symphony”, or Van Gogh sketching the layout for “Starry Night”.

"It all starts with GREAT composition!"

“All of you are just as capable as Van Gogh and Old Ludwig.

You just need to learn how to properly compose your art- and then practice what you’ve learned.”

Long story short.

We ended up working with this award-winning photographer, to produce a really special training guide for us.

I spent hours and hours, getting inside his head to discover exactly how he sees composition and why it’s the secret to taking great photographs.

And let me just say, his knowledge is world-class.

That’s why today, I’m honoured and excited to share this with you…

Introducing... “The Understanding Composition Guide”

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Your photographs must fool the brain!

Now, before you say that’s crazy.

Let me explain…

When you create a photograph, you’re forcing a three-dimensional view onto a two-dimensional medium.

This befuddles the brain- It WANTS to see in three-dimensions! Basically, what’s happening is that composition fools the brain into seeing what it wants to see.

Composition leads the brain through the photograph. It IS the road map of your images!

This is why composition is crucial to incredible photography.

Take this for example…

Why does this photo work:

While this one doesn’t?

The answer… Focal point

See the person in the first image? They’re creating a focal point.

Focal points (which are an element of photographic composition) are resting spots that our eyes are drawn to.

We like to think of them as “anchors”. They keep the viewer’s eyes from wandering aimlessly, unsure of what to take in next.

And, at the same time training your brain to focus on the person.

This is one of the many, many lessons you’ll get in this guide. We made sure to cover not only the ‘WHAT’ of composition – But also the ‘WHY’.

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