Are You Tired of Your Photographs Looking Uninspired?

You can learn a simple technique, that will blow your mind, and put the pizzazz back into your photographs...


I’ll bet you’ve been down this road- just like every other photographer who’s preceded you...

You’ve been at it awhile.

You know a few tips and tricks. But, the fun is gone!

The inspiration has fizzled. The Rule of Thirds can only take you so far.

You’re missing that excitement- that joy. That purposeful feeling that filled your creative soul when you first picked up your shiny new DSLR.

You yearn to find that spark- and feel the excitement again. Don’t you?

Today, you are going to take a major step in your photography.

You’re going to open a door, (That most photographers never will), and that will rocket you to the top of your competition!)

You can do this… and it’s not nearly as hard as you might believe!

Recently, when I had coffee with a photography friend, I was so excited to see her, because I had a secret.

I had recently discovered something that completely changed my outlook about my photography. “What’s got you all worked up?” She asked.

I leaned forward and tapped my finger onto the table between us.

“When was the last time that you created a photograph that truly surprised you? I’m talking about the kind of creative surprise where you felt like dancing around with your arms in the air.”

She laughed at me. “I’m not sure I ever got that excited about one of my pictures.”

I shared my new secret with her…

“What do you know about Long Exposure Photography?” I asked.

“Well”, she replied, “you mostly do it at night- or anywhere you have low light-“ “No.”

I interrupted her with a smile, and then I laid a printed photograph onto the table. “I took this shot at High Noon last weekend,” I said.

☝This is NOT the dam shot I took, still cool right? I lost my shot, long story…

She looked at it wide-eyed. “Isn’t that the ugly little dam we photographed a couple of weeks ago?

…We drove all the way out there, and then it wasn’t all that pretty… how did you get such a cool shot? Especially at noon?”

At that moment, I shared my new secret with her.

I told her exactly how I got a fabulous, creative, artistic photograph of our ugly little dam. Today I’m going to share it with you-

Introducing... “The Complete Guide to Long Exposure Photography”

Your exclusive eBook guide to creating magical long exposure shots, from best-selling photography teacher, Kent DuFault.

Read this eBook, and you will transform your photography into whimsical (jaw dropping) images that just cannot be created in any other manner.

Not even in Photoshop!

This guide contains 119 easy-to-follow pages of step-by-step precise training. However, It’s even more than that! There is no other training out there that will turn you into an amazing Long Exposure Photographer with greater speed and accuracy!

Quick Customer Review:
“I found the guide very valuable especially since I’ve had little experience with using N.D. filters up till now.”– Donald B.

Anyone can learn how to put the physical equipment together… However, that does not guarantee success with Long Exposure Photography.

You and I both know that any technique requires more than just equipment knowledge to produce world-class images…

You need to master how to re-create your vision with that technique. Otherwise, you’re simply shooting blindly into the wind. (that’s where all the other long exposure guides fail.)

This guide will walk you through every step with a complete description and a visual reference. This ensures that your technical knowledge will be complete.

Plus! This guide will teach you how to analyze a scene. This will help to ensure that you set up your camera properly, and you will capture the very best composition possible.

What's covered?

Easy to understand, and easy for anyone to apply.
Just take a look at some of what you’ll discover in this guide:

Take a peek inside the eBook

Here’s a little taste of what’s inside:

Broken down into 5 chapters for easy navigation! (Click to enlarge)
Page 9 – Learn about the equipment needed.
Page 29 – Learn how to setup the camera, and the value of having a “system”, for successful Long Exposure Images.
Page 56– Learn how to determine the best long shutter speed for creative results.
Page 78 – Discover how the time factor can drastically influence your shot.
Page 101 – Gain skills (that no other book out there will teach you) on how to evaluate a scene for the Long Exposure Technique!
Broken down into 5 chapters for easy navigation! (Click to enlarge)
Page 9 – Learn about the equipment needed.