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Does the following shot look familiar to you?

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Multiple case-study breakdowns of shots to show you how they did it.
Composition tips, specific to landscape work.

Take a look at this photo…

Photo by: ***Bud***

This was, undoubtedly, an incredibly beautiful scene to the photographer: the majestic trees with snow clinging to every limb, and a lonely country road leading right into the scene.

This photographer, however, faced some serious challenges. The sky was overcast (which made the lighting flat).

The trees, while majestic, had nothing to provide a sense of scale. The road, due to a lack of contrasting objects and flat lighting, became virtually invisible to the camera.

The photographer made choices that not only breathed life into this scene; it turned it into a masterful landscape photograph. Obviously, what the photographer did was placed a person on the road. This action utilized three tools of composition: focal point, spot color, and a sense of scale. It also brought the road back into play as a leading line because we are more focused on that area of the image.

As you can see, this landscape photograph loses all of its impact without the photographer’s input.

See the person in the first image? They’re creating a focal point.

Focal points (which are an element of photographic composition) are resting spots that our eyes are drawn to.

We like to think of them as “anchors”. They keep the viewer’s eyes from wandering aimlessly, unsure of what to take in next.

And, at the same time training your brain to focus on the person.

Your Assignment – Photograph a landscape using the above examples for inspiration. Shoot two versions: one, that you think looks flat and lacks clarity of focus, and then a second version, in which you add a person to provide a focal point, spot color, and a sense of scale.

This is one of the many, many lessons you’ll get in this guide.

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