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A simple conversation, with an amateur photographer, unearthed this amazing guide that will make your photos shine and become the envy of your competitors...


Author and photographer, Kent DuFault, has an important message-

“Digital photography is so intrinsically tied to the editing process that you can’t really consider doing one without doing the other. I know many photographers try and resist this.

I was guilty of that myself.

Photzy and I have worked together to provide you with the all-important Fundamental Edits List. This list is absolutely necessary to your digital photographic work.”

Dear photographers,

If you’ve found yourself unhappy with the results that you’re getting from your digital camera, and although you’re aware of what fundamental editing means, you’re not sure how to implement fundamental editing to your advantage- then this guide has been produced just for you!

The cactus photo is a drastic example of what can happen to your image in camera, and how the fundamental edits list can save the day!

We’ve all been there. We’ve all taken photographs that are underexposed, overexposed, flat in contrast, unsaturated in color, soft around the edges, lacking in pizazz and oomph.

In the past, I would have tossed an image like this in the trash, because I didn’t know how to accomplish the fundamental edits list.

I didn’t know that my images, that were “off”, still had potential if they were dealt with correctly!

After reading “The Ultimate Guide to Fundamental Editing”- my, (rather large), collection of bad images had an entirely new meaning.

When I’m experiencing my hard earned vacation- and the Sun is setting in a golden glow, and the wind is in my face, and I can smell the pine trees, and I hear the mournful bay of a wolf on a crest in front me-

When I bring my camera to my eye to create a photograph…

I want to make sure that my image is everything that it should be!

And it will be, if I’m following the steps outlined in “The Ultimate Guide to Fundamental Editing”.

That’s the kicker!

I looked everywhere for a system to follow.

I was reading every guide that I could find.

But it wasn’t coming together.

No single source really told me that with digital photography- I could EXPECT my images to come out of the camera looking flat and lifeless, especially when I was shooting RAW, which everyone was telling me that I should be shooting RAW!

No one said: “There's a proven process. You need to do these fundamental edits to any image that you want displayed at a professional level! And, it doesn’t matter what camera you’re using!”

Then, Kent DuFault Wrote “The Ultimate Guide to Fundamental Editing”.

After reading this guide, and implementing what I learned, I saw immediate improvements in my work! It’s that simple.

I’m going to tell you upfront- there is no earth shattering news in this guide. It’s not going to announce some special preset that guarantees to save you every time you hit the button.


This taught me how to take control of the fundamental editing process, and how to get my photographs edited correctly- on my own terms.

All of a sudden, my work was getting noticed. I loved my results, and others loved my results.

And you can get results like this too!

Take a look at the results of following the fundamental editing process outlined in this guide:

Introducing... “The Ultimate Guide To Fundamental Editing” eBook

A complete step-by-step guide to photographic editing from best-selling photography teacher, Kent DuFault. This guide will not only show you HOW… But also WHY and in WHAT order! Trust me when I tell you this… It makes a huge difference. All three steps are supremely important to your success.

You’re getting 165 pages covering the 15 fundamental edits, in Lightroom, Photoshop & elements. Includes case-studies, self-check quizzes and assignments to verify your knowledge. Get ready to absolutely transform your editing workflow.

After I began using the fundamental edits list- my resulting images were better, my post-processing time was less, and I had far more predictable results…

This eBook will do this for you too.

Quick Customer Review:
“This is one of the most helpful photography books that I have. I have been looking for a procedure to enhance my digital photos without getting into special effects, or weird colours, etc.

So, this book came along, and now I have an approach to touching up my photos without having to guess what parameters to adjust and being overwhelmed by Lightroom or (Photoshop) Elements. I just wanted a general procedure for post-processing, and this is it.
– Ben C.

What's covered?

Easy to understand, and easy for anyone to apply.
Just take a look at some of what you’ll discover in this guide:

Take a peek inside the eBook:

Broken in 7 concise chapters covering the fundamental edits in Lightroom, Photoshop and Elements!
Avoid the most common editing pitfalls with this proven, editing system.
Follow along step-by-step as Kent brings a shot to it's full potential.
Includes multiple self-check quizzes, key lesson takeaways and assignments to make sure the techniques are easily remembered.
Use the included image to follow along in your editing software. Each step is clearly explained.
All of the fundamental edits are covered in Photoshop, Lightroom and Elements. So it does NOT matter which processing software you prefer!

Here's the deal:

An intimate 1-on-1 learning session with a seasoned professional photographer would be valued at around $200-$2000.

But you won’t pay that…

Our authors pour all of that EXACT knowledge and teaching structure into our eBooks.

Our authors expertly craft every word in every chapter, to help you build on a creative skillset and truly master something.

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