Read This New Guide– And You'll Be Creating Beautiful Flower Photography, Guaranteed!

…For the very first time, we're giving you a step-by-step method for shooting delicate, gorgeous, & perfectly lit Flower Photographs.


Have you ever wondered how amazing flower photographs are created?

I wondered as well…

And then, I found this amazing, and gifted, flower photographer- who not only knows HOW  to create dynamic flower photography- she also knows how to TEACH those Tricks and Techniques to other photographers!

Today, for the first time ever, I’m going to show you how you can learn directly from this brilliant teacher.

But first, I need to be upfront…

(I WISH my flower photographs looked like this☝)

My flower photography has always been an utter disappointment. My images always appear with blown-out highlights…

Poor color…

Lack of composition.

It was VERY frustrating.

My flower photography lacked a sense of design. They looked like 'snapshots'.

Even worse… They weren’t snapshots!

I would literally spend hours on my flower photography.

I bought great gear. Shot during the Golden Hour like the ‘experts’ said I should…

Still, they looked awful.

Honestly, I was about ready to give up 🙁

Then, I saw this photograph by Leanne Cleaveley and it changed everything-

I was blown away…

I said to myself, “This flower photograph is art.

This could be a huge framed color print, hanging in a gallery, and it would stop people in their tracks!”

Bottom line…

I want to create flower pictures like this one, and I’m willing to bet you do too? Here’s the great news...

Through her new guide, Leanne is going to teach you (and me) how to create photographs just like her shot of the iris above.

How? (Little known fact.) She’s a teacher at her very core. In fact, when she’s not shooting flowers- she teaches school children as her profession!

She KNOWS how to teach.

This is the secret my friend– Most photographers are ‘not’ good teachers!

When you combine that secret knowledge, with the general public perception that flower photography should be easy…

Well, it takes a special teacher, to get you trained to the photographic level that you want to attain, and Leanne IS that special teacher.

Introducing... “Photographing Fabulous Flowers” by Leanne Cleaveley

This new hands-on guide is the easiest way to give yourself the skills to capture stand-out flower photographs.

Beautiful Flower Photography will be right at your fingertips, once you know the key secrets and professional techniques that are covered in this premium guide.

This 156 page practical guide is packed with assignments, key lessons, and self-check quizzes! (15 assignments, 26 key lessons, & 70 self-check questions!)

…an excellent piece of training for the flower photographer…

Leanne Cleaveley has a wonderful way of teaching. Her written voice has a quiet confidence that exudes a level of comfort within her students and readers.

It’s that temperament that reinforces that you can, and will, succeed in creating your own artwork in flower photography.

– Kent DuFault (Director of Content @ Photzy)

How does it work?

Leanne’s guide follows a unique step-by-step learning approach:

Step 1

Start with the precise gear you need, what camera settings to use and how to know when to deviate from these settings due to environmental conditions.

Step 2

Then move on to how to work with natural light. Including: altering the light, sculpting a flower with light, bending the light, and a lot more lighting technique. Plus Working with artificial light. Yes, this is a necessity at times.

Step 3

The next step is Flower composition- your key to winning awards & recognition. How to visualize, and then execute, a professional level flower image. Plus using props and other Pro Tricks that will ensure that your flower photography rises above all of the competition.

Step 4

And finally, how to edit (post-process) your shots to give them maximum impact, plus how to correctly print them!

Take a peek inside:

Leanne’s 156 page guide is jam-packed with assignments, key lessons, and self-check quizzes.

Broken into 8 precise chapters for easy consumption.
26 Key-Lessons to help you make sense of, and remember each concept.
15 assignments to help you get a practical understanding fast.
70 Self-Check questions to make learning a breeze.
Multiple case-study breakdowns to show you exactly how it was done.
Including a section dedicated to post-processing your flower shots, to make them pop!

What's covered?

Just take a look at some of what you’ll discover in this guide:

Here's the deal: