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They know that a photo opportunity will often yield less than perfect light, and they need the ability to carry a lightweight, easy to use, compact, light source. They know that once a photographer understands the parts and practices of an electronic flash, it’s an easy to tool to use.

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When you shoot macro photography, it’s imperative that you understand how your electronic flash works. A flash is a macro photographer’s primary tool.
A portable electronic flash gives your photographs color and vibrancy even when there is no available light to work with.
When you understand how fill flash works, and how to balance flash to ambient light, your flash unit will become your best friend- no matter what type of photography you enjoy.
When you understand, what a slave flash is, what a wired sync is, and how light modifiers work… you can create portraits just like this.

Once you understand the Parts and Practices of Electronic Flash – You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to incorporate it into your photography!

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More often than not, your flash photographs are just a few small tweaks away from being incredible. All you need are a few basic concepts on how your flash operates- and it will all begin to flow for you.

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– Kent DuFault (Author of this Flash Photography eBook) 

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