How to Get Beyond the 'Rule of Thirds' And Produce Truly Outstanding Images With Advanced Composition...

This new program will help you create visually stunning images that tell your story, express your vision, and captivate ANY audience!


Do the following blog headlines sound familiar to you?

Articles like these, can provide a basic foundation for your understanding of photographic composition-

BUT, they almost ALWAYS cover the same basic information.

They can NEVER get you beyond: ‘this is the Rule of Thirds’ or ‘those are leading lines’.

These articles simply don’t have the space to include in-depth training.

However, when you’re armed with the compositional tricks and techniques professional photographers use in their work, you’ll be able to successfully move from hobby amateur to capable artist.

Are you ready to go beyond basic composition and predictably turn your photographs into works of art?

Introducing... “Advanced Composition 2nd Edition: Expanded and Updated”

Read this ebook and you’ll get BEYOND the rule of thirds. Discover how to SEE light, shadow, lines, curves, space, repetition, and focal points. This is your shortcut. It’s years and years of practical knowledge, condensed into one simple book.

This 239 page easy-to-follow practical guide is packed with training. Including 38 Assignments, 84 Key lessons, and 117 Self-check quizzes!

This is the fastest way to take your photography from ‘hobby amateur’ to ‘capable artist’. Start creating visually stunning images that captivate ANY audience. With this proven, step-by-step guide.

Quick Customer Review:
“Absolutely brilliant! before reading this guide I was playing it safe. I am now much more confident in experimenting, and, as a result, my compositions and photographs have gained character. Thank you.”  

– Robert Elderton
(Photographer. Retired)

How does it work?

This eBook follows a unique step-by-step learning approach:

Step 1

Advanced composition begins with your training in the artistic discipline known as ‘the use of space’.  Every picture created makes use of space and environment. That space should be analyzed prior to pressing the shutter release button.

Step 2

Then you’ll build on that knowledge and learn how to make creative decisions that most photographers struggle with: Pre-visualization, what creates a good focal point, should my image be color or black and white, and what format best displays my picture.

Step 3

After that, we’ll move on to mastering the ‘pick and choose’ method– This is a secret weapon that truly separates beginners from advanced photographers.

Step 4

In this final section, you’ll wrap it all together with the advanced tools of composition– You will also put these newly developed skills to work by completing a series of specifically designed photographic assignments.

Take a peek inside the eBook.

Here’s a little taste of what’s inside:

Broken into 10 precise chapters for easy consumption.
84 Key-Lessons to help you remember each concept.
Multiple case-study breakdowns to show you exactly how it was done.
38 Assignments & exercises to help you get a practical understanding.
117 Self-check questions to help you retain the knowledge.
In-depth diagrams to help you visually understand the key points.
Clear examples to ‘borrow’ from, to help in forming your own ideas.
Filled with gorgeous images, to inspire your creativity.

Test yourself-

This simple photograph below utilizes four advanced elements of composition. Can you identify them?

Photo by: Matt Reinbold

We’ve eliminated two of the four elements. Can you identify them now?

They are repetition, shape, spot color, and focal point.

When we changed the eye color of the toad on the left, we eliminated two elements of composition: spot color and focal point. This illustrates the power of individual elements of composition, as well as how they can harmonize (or not) to make a simple image go from ordinary to extraordinary!

This is one of the many, many techniques and lessons you’ll get in this guide.

If you’d like to use advanced photographic composition, to tell your story, express your vision, and captivate any audience. And if you want access to all of the other photography techniques & lessons inside this eBook, click on the link below now.

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What's covered?

Easy to understand, and easy for anyone to apply.
Just take a look at some of what you’ll discover in this guide: