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How to Get Beyond the 'Rule of Thirds' And Produce Truly Outstanding Images With Advanced Composition...

Do the following blog headlines sound familiar to you?

  • 7 Essential Tips For Composition
  • 3 Steps to Perfect Composition That You Need To Know
  • 5 Awesome Composition Tips To Improve Your Photography

Articles, such as these, can provide a basic foundation for your understanding of Photographic Composition-

BUT, they almost ALWAYS cover the same basic information.

They can NEVER get YOU beyond: ‘this is the Rule of Thirds’ or ‘those are leading lines’. They simply don’t have the space to include in-depth training.

Which is why we’re very proud to present …

“The Advanced Composition Digital Guide”

This eBook is your shortcut. It's years and years of practical knowledge, condensed into 184 pages packed with training, illustrations, and assignments!

Broken into 20 easy-to-follow chapters, it delves DEEP into the artistic and technical aspects of photographic composition.

noun_93274Absolutely brilliant... Before reading this guide... I was playing it safe. I am now much more confident in experimenting, and, as a result, my compositions and photographs have gained character. Thank you.”

- Robert Elderton (Photographer. Retired)

Photo by: familymwr

Advanced Composition Goes Far Beyond Knowing What Composition is... (Or, even knowing what the tools of composition are!)

With this guide you will learn to SEE light, shadow, lines, curves, space, repetition, and focal points.

You will develop the SKILLS of anticipation, pre-visualization, and timing.

It’s developing your innate sense of space, shape, time, and design.

The ‘Advanced Composition Book’ will provide you with solid advice on how to develop these skills.

Thus, you will learn how to create crowd-pleasing, award-winning, photographs that are uniquely yours!

Photo by: Kent DuFault

Any photographer can visit ‘The Great Wall of China’ (for example) and find something to photograph...

But, only a photographer with a highly developed sense of composition can step into their backyard and capture beauty in the most mundane object.

‘The Advanced Composition Book’ by, Kent DuFault, will teach you the unique art of ‘pre-visualization’.

You'll discover concepts such as:

  • Why the human eye is attracted to light objects over dark objects
  • How to train your mind to simplify composition for professional results
  • Why the use of repetition is so important
  • How to tell a story through graphic elements
  • Why your choice of aspect ratio can vastly affect a viewer’s reaction to your photograph
  • Why the use of multiple focal points rarely works
  • How to assign ‘weight’ to elements within your photograph and how the distribution of that weight creates balance or imbalance
  • How to recognize disparate elements that can come together to create a great photograph
  • How to quickly establish the BEST composition possible and get the photograph before your picture disappears
  • How to choreograph multiple moving elements and SEE the picture in your mind as it develops
  • And much, much more…

Take a Peek Inside the Guide
and Contents
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Test Yourself:

This simple photograph below utilizes four advanced elements of composition.

Can you identify them?

Photo by: Matt Reinbold

We’ve eliminated two of the four elements.
Can you identify them now?

They are repetition, shape, spot color, and focal point.

When we changed the eye color of the toad on the left, we eliminated two elements of composition: spot color and focal point. This illustrates the power of individual elements of composition, as well as how they can harmonize (or not) to make a simple image go from ordinary to extraordinary!

This is just a fraction of the techniques covered in this comprehensive training book!

You’ll also receive specific assignments that will help develop your sense of advanced composition.

The ‘Advanced Composition Book’ will teach you why certain images are like a magnet–attracting viewers and awards

Photo by: brewbooks

In this book, the author shares advanced composition concepts with you, like-

  • Compression
  • Color Placement
  • Contrast Overlap
  • Rhythm
  • Color Wash
  • Texture
  • Stacking
  • And so much more!

Who is the author, and why is he qualified to teach you?

This Outstanding Premium Guide was written for Photzy by author and photographer Kent DuFault.

* His images have won numerous awards, and they’ve been published in magazines and advertisements around the world.

* Kent has been involved in photography since 1974. He brings decades of experience right to your home.

*He operated a commercial photography studio for three decades, and while doing so, he worked for numerous Fortune 500 Companies.

*His writing/teaching style has been described as sitting down with an old friend for a fireside chat.

Hear What Other Photographers Really Think About This Guide:

Renate Strub

Kent has such a great teaching talent, he makes it easy to understand and follow.

I especially like how he describes different “what if” scenarios, and how sometimes a minor change can make a huge difference. Being a voracious reader, I have read about most subjects in one way or another, but never has one had the impact on me that Kent’s book has. I have read it from beginning to end, and will read it again and again. When the weather clears up – is has been raining for days – I’ll go out and work through all the assignments.

Renate Strub
Martin Clarke

I have read countless articles, blogs, guides etc. on photographic technique, but The Understanding Composition Guide and the Advanced Composition ebook are by far the best and most valuable in terms of improving my photography.

Martin Clarke
Jim Lin

It is all good.  Enjoyed the assignments. I found it useful and applied the techniques to my assignment photos.

Jim Lin
Rob Boon

Considering myself and advanced amateur the Advanced Composition guide adds the Competitive edge needed…

Rob Boon
Brett Woodman

I have picked up many pointers from this edition, very easy to follow & well presented. I would recommend anything Kent presents is worth the time & money.

Brett Woodman
R. Gardner

I love, love, LOVED IT! It has great information. Easy to understand and easy to implement!

R. Gardner

"So, How Much Is This Guide?
And How Do I Get My Hands On a Copy?"

If you wanted to sit down with a pro for a private advanced composition workshop, it could cost you anywhere between $500-$1000 dollars. 

With this guide, you're getting the EXACT same education, for a fraction of that.

(It's even better though, because you can learn at your own pace, and will never get left behind.)

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I know you'll get immense value from this guide.

So, what are you waiting for?

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Get Beyond the 'Rule of Thirds' And Produce Truly Outstanding Images With Advanced Composition!

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Get Beyond the 'Rule of Thirds' And Produce Truly Outstanding Images With Advanced Composition!

WARNING–Offer Expires Soon!


Click Add-to-Cart Now to Get Your Copy of the Advanced Composition Guide + 7 FREE Video Tutorials!

Was US$40.00 Today Only: $19

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Join more than 2187 photographers from around the world, who have used this eBook to dramatically improve their photography.


You really only have 2 options:

OPTION#1 You keep doing what you’re doing now, keep getting the results you've been getting, and continue praying that eventually you'll figure out this whole Advanced Composition thing  ...Or...

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