Action Cards™ Composition Set– Discover Which Composition Rules and Concepts Work Best for You and Your Shooting Style!

... With 34 beautifully designed & printable project-based learning cards, giving you over 100 practical photographic composition assignments!


Does the following sound familiar to you?

You’ll study guidebooks and read internet blogs…

…but like most photographers, you want to be out doing what got you into photography in the first place–

You want to be out shooting pictures! Of course, you want to learn new skills…but, you don’t fancy having your nose buried in some lengthy training manual

In addition, you desire to develop your own style as a photographer…

And there is really only ONE WAY to accomplish all of that–

What is that one way?

The secret is learning ‘different’ skillsets, while you’re actually out creating pictures. And today you’ll get your chance to do just that–

Introducing... Action Cards™ Composition Set: 34 printable project sheets, with over 100 photography assignments to expand your shooting skills!

These Action Cards™ discuss a photographic topic, provide you with suggested considerations, and give you SPECIFIC photo assignments.

They’ll kick you out of the “nest” to go have a personal discovery experience all on your own. You can learn new skills, unearth your particular shooting style, and accomplish all of this through completing actionable assignments similar to a full-fledged UNIVERSITY course. You’ll be out shooting instead of reading about it.

Think about this- isn’t that what University is all about, to help you find your path in life? Right now you have the opportunity to choose your path… rather than be led down one.

Quick Customer Review:
“I wasn’t sure if this would be worth the price…But these cards are worth every cent. They go everywhere with me… I saved a copy of the cards on my tablet and printed out what I’m focusing on. These cards and your snap cards have pushed me outside my creativity comfort zone.– Juan P.

What's covered on each card?

(…and how it works)

Take a peek at the topics:

The Action Cards™ were specifically designed to work together as a whole. Each card was designed to help you strengthen and discover certain photographic skills.

The 'Composition' Set

The 34 Composition Action Cards will give you a complete understanding of the various rules, tools, and concepts of composition.

Through assignment based learning, this approach will also help you to discover, which of these composition tools works best for you and your shooting style. Just as we all ‘see’ differently- we also all work differently.

Now is your chance to discover which composition tools fit your style.

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The Secrets to The Action Cards™

(…and why they’ll work for you)

Secret #1 Assignments & Retention

The Action Cards address learning from a different point of view, and one that is guaranteed to work for you.

It’s been proven that studying a concept, and then being given a specific actionable assignment will help you retain more information. (These cards teach the topic and give you multiple assignments… meaning you don’t have to struggle to come up with your own.)

Here are the facts – Retention, through reading, is low.

Retention through active learning is very high!

With these Action Cards photographic concepts, which you may have had struggled with for years, will suddenly become crystal clear!

Secret #2 Printable

Be honest – How many times have you downloaded a guide and never actually read it?

We’ve found that printing materials ensures you actually go on to read the content. Simply put– if you print it out, you are far more likely to take ACTION, and get RESULTS. That’s important to us.

This is why we’ve developed the Action Cards to be concise and organised, print out only what you need, when you need it. Spend more time shooting, and less time reading!

I bet you're a bit like me...

…You’re a doer. You learn photography best by doing. You learn by action and activity…

Using the 'Understanding Silhouettes' Action Card

You’re not one to sit down at a computer and study until your eyes bleed.

You like to get your hands dirty.

You love learning new photographic skills and techniques, and then you practice, and practice, and do even more practice… until you can get it right.

You, (just like me), desire some guidance on where to start in your learning process. Plus, you too, want to ‘uncover’ your own photographic style. You want to be recognized and have your images ‘standout’ as your own.

This is why we are very proud of the Action Cards.

Using the 'Depth of Field' Action Card

A while back, we asked ourselves, “What will it take to give our clients a higher-level education experience in a portable package?”

It wasn’t easy. We created ideas, and threw out even more ideas, and we wrangled around with each other.

But what we’ve created is what we consider a University level instructional package for photographers – Photographers, (like you), that want to be out shooting versus sitting around studying a book.

Action Cards are a game changer in the photographic learning process.

The 'Using Shape' Action Card In-Use

You should print the Action Cards, and you can take them with you wherever you go. You can study them at work, on the bus, or while you’re grabbing a cup of coffee.

However, the beauty in this training is that it requires YOU to do the ASSIGNMENTS!

Let’s go back to the University-level education analogy.

A University Professor teaches you a topic, and then gives you an actionable assignment, so that you can turn it in, and he or she can judge your reasoning on that particular area.

Let’s say, “It’s night photography”.

He or she is not going to grab their coat and go out with you until the wee hours of the evening to complete your assignment.

You’re on your own! That IS the learning process. This is the basis of the Action Card product…

…to educate you, motivate you, provide you with direction, and then let you learn with actionable assignment projects.

A member of the Photzy development team created a tag line to describe the Action! Card process, and it fits perfectly!

“Find your style. Fine-tune your style. Break your style.”

There are enough assignments in these Action Cards, (34 cards total – and over 100 assignments), to keep you busy learning.

Here's the deal:

A lot of time and effort from numerous experts went into the development of the Action Cards™ product line.

1-on-1 sessions with the professionals that created these cards would cost you $100's if not $1,000's...

But you won’t pay that.

With these cards, you’ll get the same training, for a fraction of the cost.

Each card will retail for $5.00USD. That means, buying the complete collection individually will cost you $170+ USD

However, for this special introductory offer (to a very select few), you can grab this brand new project-based training tool for just $19.95 for a limited time.

That means you will be getting the complete set for less than $1 per card. (Or, more than 82% off of the individual retail price.)

What are you waiting for? Click the orange add-to-cart button below, grab your copy, and I’ll see you on the other side!

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