Discover Our Newest Project-Based Photography Learning Tool Called – Action Cards™

Expand your shooting skills! With 65 beautifully designed & printable project sheets that will give you over 200 photography assignments, covering everything you can imagine!


Does the following sound familiar to you?

You’ll study guidebooks and read internet blogs…

…but like most photographers, you want to be out doing what got you into photography in the first place–

You want to be out shooting pictures! Of course, you want to learn new skills…but, you don’t fancy having your nose buried in some lengthy training manual

In addition, you desire to develop your own style as a photographer…

And there is really only ONE WAY to accomplish all of that–

What is that one way?

The secret is learning ‘different’ skillsets, while you’re actually out creating pictures. And today you’ll get your chance to do just that–

Introducing... Action Cards™: 65 printable project sheets, with over 200 photography assignments to expand your shooting skills!

These Action Cards™ discuss a photographic topic, provide you with suggested considerations, and give you SPECIFIC photo assignments.

They’ll kick you out of the “nest” to go have a personal discovery experience all on your own. You can learn new skills, unearth your particular shooting style, and accomplish all of this through completing actionable assignments similar to a full-fledged UNIVERSITY course. You’ll be out shooting instead of reading about it.

Think about this- isn’t that what University is all about, to help you find your path in life? Right now you have the opportunity to choose your path… rather than be led down one.

Quick Customer Review:
“I wasn’t sure if this would be worth the price…But these cards are worth every cent. They go everywhere with me… I saved a copy of the cards on my tablet and printed out what I’m focusing on. These cards and your snap cards have pushed me outside my creativity comfort zone.– Juan P.

What's covered on each card?

(…and how it works)

Take a peek at the topics:

The Action Cards™ are conveniently organised and color-coded into 2 complete sets. They were specifically designed to work together as a whole. Each card, and each set within the group, were designed to help you strengthen and discover certain photographic skills.

The 'Genre' Set

The 31 Genre Action Cards were conceived to help you uncover your ‘place’ in the photographic world.

There is a myriad of opportunity for you to use your photographic skills. But perhaps your natural born tendencies reveal themselves better through outstanding flower photography versus newborn portrait photography.

The genre cards allow you to test the waters for 31 different genres of photographic imaging- by completing specific tasks and photo assignments in each genre. We all have strengths. Playing to our strengths can give us an edge as we attempt to position ourselves within the photographic community.

Tap & swipe through all 31 Genre Action Cards. See some of the photography projects you can do →

The 'Composition' Set

The 34 Composition Action Cards will give you a complete understanding of the various rules, tools, and concepts of composition.

Through assignment based learning, this approach will also help you to discover, which of these composition tools works best for you and your shooting style. Just as we all ‘see’ differently- we also all work differently.

Now is your chance to discover which composition tools fit your style.

Tap & swipe through all 34 Composition Action Cards. See some of the photography projects you can do →