Is the Camera Pop-Up Flash Ever Useful? – Free Quick Guide

Have you ever seen someone using a camera’s pop-up flash on a sunny day and thought to yourself, ‘What the… Does this person know what they’re doing?’

I have.

The camera pop-up flash is often maligned as being useless.

However, there is a reason that camera manufacturers continue to put them on their camera models.

They have a use.

Knowing what those uses are and learning when it is not the right tool for your shot is the trick.

In this eBook, author and photographer Tobie Schalkwyk gives you the lowdown on this piece of gear that’s always with you.

Here are the general topics that Tobie covers:

  • What are the useful properties of the built-in, on-camera, pop-up flash?
  • Specifically, when would you want to use this photographic gear?
  • When wouldn’t you want to use the pop-up flash?
  • What are the shortcomings that you need to know?

Here are some specifics on this valuable guide!

  • What is the power of a pop-up flash?
  • Why is it not as versatile as an external flash?
  • Eight ways that the pop-up flash can improve your photography!
  • Four shortcomings that you must understand.

Grab your copy right now while it’s fresh on your mind!

Photo Credit: Tobie Schwalkwyk

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