Is High ISO the Enemy? When and Why?

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Low light truly is the bugaboo for the digital photographer.

Low light can be dealt with. However, each alternative has its drawbacks.

  • We can use some means of support for the camera, so that we don’t get camera shake.
  • We can use a wide aperture. However, this has limitations as the aperture can only go so wide and depth of field may be a factor.
  • We can use an electronic flash. Many times this isn’t practical or creates a look that is creatively dysfunctional for our picture.
  • We can raise the ISO setting according.

Raising the ISO setting is the simplest resolution to this complex and frequent problem.

However, it also has limitations, and these limitations are not standard. They vary from camera to camera.

Today, photographer and university level photography instructor Robin Nichols takes a close look at the HIGH ISO setting on the camera.

What are the benefits?

What are the drawbacks?

What is the very best way for you to handle the ISO setting on your camera?!

Photo Credit: Robin Nichols

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