Instagram for Non-Millennials – Free Quick Guide

Most of us probably got into photography long before Instagram was even conceived.

We’ve watched the various photo sharing platforms start up, gain steam, and then some of them just dwindled away.

Right now, Instagram is the hottest photo sharing platform on the planet.

It’s also a community where anyone can gain notoriety – if they know the ropes.

Author and photographer Diane Wehr started out like the rest of us. She was into photography. She didn’t know anything about Instagram. And, only under pressure from family and friends, she joined.

What she discovered… By her own words… has changed her photography and her life.

This is one very interesting read. Although I’ve been active on Instagram for quite a while, I learned several pointers that helped me immediately.

If you’re even a little curious, don’t miss out on this fantastic eBook!

Photo Credit: Diane Wehr

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