Infrared Camera Conversions – Free Quick Guide

Nobody denies that infrared photography is pretty cool.

It looks kind of daunting… like… How can I do this?

The Quick Guide today lays it all out for you. Guess what? It’s not that hard. It’s a fantastic way to put an older digital camera back to work!

In fact, creating infrared photos digitally is even easier than doing it with film!

Here is what you will learn in today’s Quick Guide:

  • What does infra-red photography look like?
  • How it was created in the days of film (and still available today)!
  • What type of filter is required for IR film photography?
  • How digital infrared photography is created
  • How to convert a digital camera for IR photography
  • 7 Tips on how to obtain the best results
  • Some general information on post-processing
  • How to ‘create’ an infra-red ‘look’ using software

Check out this excerpt from the guide…

What does black and white infrared look like?
The signature look of the black and white infrared film is that all green foliage reproduces as white, while other colors, such as blue skies, reproduce as very dark, almost black tonal areas – it’s a very dramatic look. Realism went out of the window to be replaced with a surreal, dream-like tonality that was very characteristic of the genre, and often a favorite process for landscape photographers. That said, the black and white infrared film was also quite effective when shooting portraits, producing porcelain-like pale skin tones.

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Photo Credit: Robin Nichols

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