In-Camera Multiple Exposure – Free Quick Guide

Most recent digital cameras allow for the option of creating in-camera double exposures.

Sure, you can create double exposures in Photoshop or another editing program. So, why would you want to do it in-camera?

You’ll find the answer to this question, as well as a full outline on how to start taking double exposure images, in our free eBook this week.

Learning the process of in-camera double exposures will make you a better photographer, and Author Leanne Cleaveley tells you why.

Here is what Leanne covers in her free eBook:

  • Understanding Exposure. If you’ve had trouble understanding how exposure works, studying this free eBook will clear it up for you.
  • The concept of the blank black canvas and why the color white wins
  • How many multiple exposures to start with and why
  • Tips on getting started and selecting a proper background
  • How to previsualize and ‘line up’ multiple shots
  • Introducing an electronic flash to the mix
  • Working with the element of surprise

Double exposure photography is a lot of fun. It has the added benefit of teaching you about exposure. Finally, you will end up with some wonderful artwork for your photographic portfolio.

Photo Credit: Leanne Cleaveley

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