How to Use Black and White Photography to Enhance Mood – Free Quick Guide

From the first days of photography, we’ve been shooting in black & white (b&w).

Back in the days of film, a huge range of b&w films were available – each giving subtly different results and allowing photographers to produce stunning and artistic results.

With the advent of digital imaging, b&w photography has become more of a choice as most people shoot in color, and then choose which photos they wish to turn into b&w.

In this guide, you will look at how to work with b&w imaging and all that it entails.

First of all, you will learn how to ‘see’ (identify) a potential subject for black and white presentation.

You will also learn the different options for taking your digital color image files and converting them into black and white photos.

Lastly, you will learn the importance of creating mood with your black and white photography.

Photo Credit: Jo Plumridge

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