How to Photograph Strangers – Free Quick Guide

The Only Thing You Have to Fear is Fear Itself

I took a little liberty to deviate the famous quote by the United States President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

I did this because it fits the purpose of this email perfectly.

Raise your hand if you’ve NEVER felt this way:

You’re out and about with your camera. You see someone interesting. You raise your camera to take a picture of them… when suddenly they turn and look directly at you.

What happens next?

Will the pit of your stomach drop as fear enters the picture?

Will you become afraid of a confrontation?

Nobody is raising their hand…

That’s because we’ve ALL felt this way.

Street photographers face this challenge on a daily basis.

However, no photographer is exempt. We’ve all witnessed that interesting “local” while on vacation, and we wanted a picture!

Our FREE Quick Guide this week was written by Master Travel Photographer Robin Nichols.

Robin is going to give you some great tips on how to handle photographing strangers.

Photo Credit: Robin Nichols

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