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Kent DuFault
Kent DuFault

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EDITOR’S NOTE: If you’re looking for a quick way to learn the basics of photography take a peek at our popular cheat sheets: The Snap Cards. If you missed out on your set last time, they’re available again and on-sale right now.

When it comes to learning new skills, are you familiar with the term “Blocking Strategy”?

Blocking strategy is the old school way of learning, where we are taught to practice a particular skill over and over again – before moving on toward the next skill.

We’ve all heard it. “Practice makes perfect.”

However, recent scientific studies have shown that this is NOT the best strategy for learning a new skill!

A better strategy is what is now called “Interleaving”.

Interleaving improves our ability to retain and perform new skills over traditional means by leaps and bounds. This is a proven emerging technology, and it was the reasoning behind Photzy’s development of the “Snap Card” product line.

Interleaving spaces out the learning process over a shorter length of time, and it randomizes the information that we encounter as we learn new skills.

For example, instead of struggling to understand camera exposure all on its own, you train in several exposure related skills at once, such as ISO, Camera Metering Modes, Exposure Compensation, and The Exposure Triangle. And, you accomplish this in shorter bursts.

Snap Cards allow you to practice multiple and parallel skills at once – without the burden of trying to page around in a book or lug around cumbersome training materials as you learn.

Each Snap Card is printable, small, portable, and yet so perfectly designed that they make learning and cross-referencing a Snap! (Get it?)

The Snap Card line is color-coded into 9 training areas. Each of these 9 topics holds from 1 to 8 Snap Cards that teach a specific skill… However, they all also work in unison!

Interleaving is now working for you!

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Snap Cards have revolutionized photographic training, and this is being recognized around the world.

You can learn why by simply clicking on the link at the end of this Quick Tip.

Repetitive “Block Learning” engages the short term memory function of the brain. That creates a steep learning curve that takes a long time to retain new skills.

“Interleaving” causes the brain to focus and problem solve every step of the way. This brain function results in the information being stored in long-term memory. That creates a shorter learning curve.

It’s proven!

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If you’re interested in trying something different– If traditional linear training methods have left you somewhat in the dark…

If the idea of self-guiding, in a non-linear fashion, while you’re out shooting, appeals to you…

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About Kent DuFault

About Kent DuFault

Kent DuFault became a photographer in September of 1974. He took a “Basic Photography” class in high school and was hooked for life. His best-selling product, The Printable Snap Cards have helped more than 100,000 photographers learn and master photography on the go!

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