How to Create Radial Compositions That Are Fun – Free Quick Guide

Are you at a point where you feel that your photography has reached a plateau – that you just don’t have fun anymore? Your latest images are just more of the same?

Well, we have good news for you! Radial photography compositions will not only spice up your skills, but you can have a lot of fun with creating them.

Radial photo composition provides balance and symmetry in photographs. It implies imagery that radiates outward from a specific point – or, of course, radiating inwards to one particular point, like a bicycle wheel.

Radial compositions may also imply visual elements that center around a point of interest instead of running towards it.

Some of the topics discussed in this guide include…

  • Radial composition patterns
  • How to locate radial compositions in nature
  • Seeing radial composition in architecture
  • Theme parks, fireworks, and other specialized subjects that radiate

Ready to kick up your photography a notch or two?

Your guide is waiting for you here.

Photo Credit: Frank Eiffert

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