How to Create Fantastic Panoramic Photographs

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Do you love landscape photography?

Perhaps you’re interested in trying some new techniques with your landscape photography?

Well, I have the perfect resource for you - and it’s FREE.

I want to share this brief excerpt with you that comes from our free eBook for the week…

In this guide, we'll discuss the equipment, tricks, techniques, and technical issues that you should consider when attempting panoramic photography. Yes, there will be some technical stuff, but I promise - it's easy! By the time you finish this guide, you'll have all the information that you need to capture images that will create beautiful panoramas.

What are we talking about here? Panoramic Photographs!

Creating landscape photography in the panoramic format is… well… simply stunning! There is no other way to describe it.

There is just no better way to display a majestic landscape than with the panoramic format.

Don’t be fooled. You cannot simply “crop” into a panoramic ratio and have it look awesome.

Did you notice that my terminology changed? You “crop” into a “panoramic ratio”, but you can “create” in a “panoramic format”. There is a HUGE difference!

We have a new writer on board, and his name is Rob Eyers. Rob is an expert at panoramic photography, and he is going to teach you exactly how to do this professional technique!

You’ll learn...

  • Why you want to be creating “multi-shot” panoramic images
  • What equipment is helpful, and how you can get started with what you already own
  • Special tips on how to “pre-visualize” your final shot
  • What “parallax” is, and why it’s important for you to understand in panoramic photography
  • How to setup your camera for panoramic photography
  • How to prepare your images for “stitching” into the panoramic format
  • A discussion on software options

I’m super excited, as this is the very first eBook we’ve produced on the subject of panoramic photography!

Photo Credit: Rob Eyers

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