How to Create a One Photo a Day Project – Free Quick Guide

How do you combat boredom and complacency in your photography?

You try something new!

From author and photographer Jenn Mishra –

“A One Photo a Day Project (also called a 365 Project) can be deeply rewarding. It has the potential to change your photography, and it may even change your life.

I know this from personal experience. I started a One Photo a Day Project a few years ago on a whim. Before this, I took casual photos when I was on vacation. I had no intention of completing a 365 Project; that is, one photo a day for a year. I rarely stuck with anything this long. But surprisingly, I did! I posted a photo every day for nearly two years.

By the end of the project, my photographic skills had increased tremendously. I was also a very different person with a different outlook on the world around me. 

This guide is about starting and staying with a One Photo a Day Project. We’ll talk about different ways you can personally define the project and how to stay motivated over time. I’ll finish with a few tips to make your daily photographic journey a success.”

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Reasons for doing a One Photo a Day Project
  • Getting your project started
  • Making your own project “rules”
  • Staying motivated
  • Tips for making your project a success

Click here to get pumped up and start on a journey of self-discovery with your photos!

Photo Credit: Jenn Mishra

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BONUS- 65 Photography Project Cheat Sheets [PRINTABLE]

BONUS- 65 Photography Project Cheat Sheets [PRINTABLE]

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