How to Choose a Lens for Night Photography – Free Quick Guide

Take a look at the image above.

Looks like it came straight out of a sci-fi movie! Doesn’t it?

Photzy author and photographer Aaron Seefeld created this shot.

I don’t know about you… But, I wish I had taken it.

If you have an interest in night photography, you definitely do not want to miss this super informative guide.

Aaron’s teaching style is quite unique, as he provides a nice mix of the creative, technical, and practical information needed to create an image like the sample shot above.

One of my favorite parts of this guide is how you can accomplish this type of photography on a budget. That’s so cool. You don’t have to spend thousands to get professional results.

Aaron is going to talk specifically about “What type of lens works best for night photography”?

That’s a question worth having an answer to, especially coming from a pro!

Here is what he covers…

  • Why you need to start the lens selection process by considering the camera that you already own.
  • Why it’s important to do some self-discovery, and figure out what do you want to do with your night photography!
  • Why budget is a concern, and what you can do about it.
  • He also digs into the topic: Do you need a name brand lens? Or, can you get excellent results with a third party lens?
  • Why flare control is important. Even in the pitch black dead of night!

You will learn a lot from this guide, and you will have much to think about it when you’re done.

But hey! That’s what learning is all about!! Right?

Photo Credit: Aaron Seefeld

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