Home-Based Product Photography – Free Quick Guide

I am a product photographer!

Being able to say that puts you into a niche of photographers that is not overly crowded.

Maybe you would like to take better pictures of your own crafts that you sell on Etsy?

Perhaps you like to buy from garage sales and sell items on eBay for a profit? It’s a fact that good photography increases sales and draws more dollars.

Finally, maybe you would like to approach small businesses in your area and earn some extra cash photographing their products – right in your home?

Our free ebook this week is titled “Getting Started in Home-Based Product Photography.”

Here is what professional photographer Lauren Gherardi is going to teach you:

· Getting to know the product brand
· Shooting on a model
· Poses & angles
· Product photography
· Materials and props for product photography
· Common mistakes and how to avoid them

Lauren shares her tips and techniques by revealing to you an actual product photoshoot, with real models and created sets, for products that are for sale right now – today – and it’s all done out of her home!

Photo Credit: Lauren Gherardi

Want More? 
If you’d like to learn each of the fundamental editing steps from a professional photographer, our Ultimate Guide to Fundamental Editing eBook is the perfect next step.

This eBook will give you a complete step by step guide to photographic post-processing that will change your photography forever.  Go here now to find out moreThe Ultimate Guide to Fundamental Editing

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