High Speed Flash Mode – Free Quick Guide

Let’s make an educated guess. How many photographers have actually ever used the high-speed flash function in their photography?

Wait a minute. Let me modify that question –

How many have “successfully” used the high-speed flash function?

This is my story. I tried using the high-speed flash function on my Canon Speedlite. I didn’t really understand what I was doing.

As a result of my lack of knowledge, all my attempted photographs with the high-speed flash function turned out WAY too dark.

Plus, I thought something was wrong, because my flash unit was making weird noises and the light coming from the Speedlite was flickering.

What was the end result of my effort?

I never tried it again. I came up with excuses why I didn’t need to use it!

Then I read our new Quick Guide by Robin Nichols, and I realized that I have been avoiding one of the best features of my modern DSLR camera and electronic flash!

High-speed flash isn’t just about photographing cats flying through the air (or any fast moving object). It can also vastly improve other photographic subjects, such as this macro flower shot that was created using high-speed flash mode under harsh midday light.

You do not want to miss this informative guide!

Photo Credit: Robin Nichols

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