Getting the Best from Your 50mm Prime Lens – Free Quick Guide

I’m sure you’ve heard the buzz about the 50mm prime lens.

When I first began in photography, technology was somewhat simpler.

In those days if you bought an SLR film camera, it usually came with one of a range of different aperture 50mm prime lenses.

This was a time when zoom lenses were definitely ‘new technology,’ and so they were very much still a luxury purchase.

The funny thing is that the 50mm prime lens has recently been through something of a rebirth.

One of the reasons why is that the angle of view of a 50mm lens on a full-frame sensor camera is close to the human eye, plus it provides a cool shallow depth of field ‘look’. But it’s also affordable, lightweight, has a fast maximum aperture, is high quality, and yes, it produces a sublime depth of field effect.

Photograph by Happy Pixels

The 50mm prime lens is perfect for portraits, landscape photography, low light, architecture, street photography, and even macro work.

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