Getting Started with Wireless Flash Triggers – Free Quick Guide

One of the scariest steps for new photographers is taking on the electronic flash.

That’s not unwarranted either. It takes a bit of effort to master the electronic.

You’ll often hear the advice, “You need to go off-camera with your flash.”

Listen to that advice. Here’s why:

You will find your electronic flash easier to master when it isn’t mounted to your camera.

That’s right – easier.

Why? Having a harsh direct light source mounted directly above the lens is a recipe for disaster when properly lighting a subject. Sure, you will get a picture. But it won’t look that good.

To get your flash off the camera, you need a little device called a ‘wireless electronic flash trigger.’

Yes, it’s a fancy name. However, they are super easy to use. Once you have one and understand how it works, you are well on your way to mastering light like a pro.

And that’s no bull. You’ve got to get that flash off of the camera.
Tobie Schalkwyk started with off-camera flash just like you will, one step at a time. He’s already learned all the mistakes so that you won’t have to.

In this guide, Tobie covers…

  • Why you need a wireless electronic flash trigger
  • The three types of wireless flash triggers
  • The pros and cons of each type of flash trigger
  • His opinion on which method works best based upon his experience
  • Why you may want to invest in an external flash trigger even if your camera has that option built into its features
  • A discussion of cost versus features
  • The difference between transmitters, receivers, and transceivers
  • Some troubleshooting tips from Tobie’s experience
  • A review of practical applications

Off-camera flash –
It’s time to take this next step!

Cover Photo Credit: Tobie Schalkwyk

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