Getting Started with External Flash – Free Quick Guide

If you desire to take your photography as far as it can go, you must master the topic covered in this free eBook: External Electronic Flash. This equipment setup is also often referred to as off-camera flash.

External flash units can be large commercial units like this example. This unit is the flash that you would use to create large professional sets such as shooting food or cars.

If you’re not sure how to use this vital piece of gear, today we will show you how.

This electronic flash probably looks more familiar to you.

This unit can also be used as an external off-camera flash. This style of flash is often referred to as a speedlight.

Both units have their peculiarities that you need to understand.

Tobie Schalkwyk is a professional photographer from South Africa. He uses these units for every type of photography, from capturing large raptor birds in the wild to children’s portraits.

Tobie will share his diagrams and how-to tips to help you get the most from your external flash setup.

Here are the topics covered:

  • How a speedlight functions and some of its features
  • How to trigger speedlights off-camera
  • What kind of power (light intensity) you can expect from a speedlight
  • Different triggering methods and how they work
  • How to ensure compatibility with your camera system!
  • Using light modifiers with a speedlight flash
  • The advantages of commercial strobes
  • Wireless triggers: the what and how
Photo Credit: Tobie Schalkwyk


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