FREE Video – How to Create and Use Presets in Lightroom

We all have a desire for life to go just a little bit easier… am I right?

When you’re working in Lightroom, there’s an under-utilized tool that can make your life easier by speeding up your workflow.

This tool is called a preset.

Are you familiar with LR presets?

They are a lot like Photoshop Actions (if you’ve played around with those). Basically, they’re prerecorded adjustments that can be applied to an image, or a range of images, with a single click.

In this week’s FREE video guide, author and travel photographer Jason Row, takes you through the process of using presets, importing presets from other sources, and creating your own presets.

It’s a valuable tutorial that will shave hours off of your editing time!

Jason Row is a British born travel photographer now living in Ukraine. You can follow him on his Facebook page. He also maintains a portfolio of his work here.

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