Free Video Composition Techniques – How-to Use Leading Lines

Are you familiar with the old saying? “All Roads Lead To Rome.”

The statement is based on historical fact because, in the time of the Roman Empire-

ALL Roads literally DID Lead to Rome!

But as a modern saying it means- there are many paths to a common outcome.

Or, in other words-

I don’t care how you get there. Just don’t miss the deadline

Jason Row has put together an instructional video on the subject of “leading lines” in composition.

Jason tells us how leading lines appear everywhere: in nature, architecture, and art. Can you spot the leading lines in this artwork in the Vatican?

You see, (just like the ancient roads that led everyone toward Rome), incorporating leading lines into Your photographic images can lead a viewer into, and through, Your photograph.

It’s Your way of ensuring that they arrive at the correct destination within your image!

Jason Row is a British born travel photographer now living in Ukraine. You can follow him on his Facebook page.He also maintains a portfolio of his work here.

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