FREE Video – Camera Aperture and Shutter Speed

Jason Row has put together a video where he discusses camera aperture and shutter speed.

You know Jason’s style. He makes camera jargon simple and easy to understand.

Here are some of the topics discussed…

  • What is a camera shutter? (and what exactly is happening when you hear the click)
  • How does the shutter affect the exposure? (and the sharpness of the image)
  • What camera shooting modes give you the best use of your camera’s shutter!
  • How and when to determine what shutter speed to use. (There is a whole range of shutter speeds- which one do you want?)
  • What does an aperture look like? (and how does it work exactly)
  • How does the aperture affect the picture? (and the sharpness of the image)
  • How to recognize a situation where YOU want to control the aperture instead of the shutter!

Jason Row is a British born travel photographer now living in Ukraine. You can follow him on his Facebook page. He also maintains a portfolio of his work here.

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