Free Quick Guide to Street Photography

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Do You think Street Photography is easy?

A lot of photographers do. (They wonder how hard could it be to snap photographs of people on the street.)

And while that may be true-  (at its most basic level)

Creating GREAT Street Photography takes Skill and Effort.

Which is why You’ll want to read this new quick guide, “Street Photography”, by Kent DuFault.

You’ll Learn Excellent Tips- that will take You from being a snap-shooter- to creating meaningful Street Photographs that Tell a Story and Evoke Emotion from the viewer.

Powerful Stuff!

Here’s What You’ll Learn-

  • Equipment Suggestions (Did You know that zoom lenses are not a good choice?)
  • Working with Low Light (Did You know that using a flash is not recommended?)
  • Why prime lenses are Your best choice! (And they’re less expensive!)
  • Learn techniques like: shooting from a distance, shooting up close, shooting from the hip!
  • How to preset Your metering and focus
  • How to deal with strangers who question what You’re up to!
  • How Your clothing can affect Your efforts!

Image Credit : Daniele Zedda

» Download Your Free Guide Now

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