FREE Guide – Understanding Lenses

Have you ever purchased a lens that didn’t totally meet your expectations?

It’s a real bummer when it happens! If it hasn’t happened to you, count yourself lucky; nobody wants to waste money. And sometimes your un-satisfaction won’t be a result of how sharp the lens is. It might be as simple as how the lens operates.

Hopefully, what I’m about to tell you will save you a whole lot of disappointment down the line.

Have you ever wondered why some lenses cost hundreds of dollars and others cost thousands?

When you’re considering the purchase of a lens, a salesperson will usually tell you the basics: the zoom range or the maximum aperture…

But what won’t they tell you?

Sometimes- a lot!

Does buying a lens that was made by the camera manufacturer guarantee that it’ll work well for you? Not necessarily…

Which is why we had Kent DuFault write this week’s free Quick Guide- “Understanding Lenses”

This guide will help you better understand the lenses you own, and how to make intelligent buying decisions in the future.

Here’s some of what you will learn-

  • Why you want to notice the size and placement of the focus ring. (Big fingers combined with a skinny focus ring spells disaster.)
  • Is a mega-zoom (ie. 35 mm – 300mm) really a good thing?
  • Is the lens an internal, or external, focusing lens? (And, why knowing that is really important to you!)
  • Is the lens a ‘twist-ring zoom’ or a ‘push-pull zoom’? (Get the wrong one- and you may hate it!)

Image Credit : Takashi Hososhima

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BONUS- 65 Photography Project Cheat Sheets [PRINTABLE]

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