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Balance is an interesting word. And, it’s a word that is often used in photography.

What comes to your mind when you think of balance?

I often think of a pyramid, or a triangle, with all sides being equal, and balanced to its counterparts.

There is a very famous illustrative point in photography called, “The Exposure Triangle”.

The exposure triangle is very important to you as a photographer.

However, it can be a difficult concept to grasp.

Jason Little has penned us a free Quick Guide this week, and it’s all about the exposure triangle.

If you’ve had trouble understanding this concept- you will want to go get your free copy right now.

Jason touches upon the following points-

  • What exactly are the three points to the exposure triangle?
  • How do these three elements work together?
  • A detailed description of each component and how it fits into the triangle.
  • What does “inverse relationship” mean- and how does it apply to the triangle?

Understanding the exposure triangle is truly the first step toward your understanding of how your camera meter works.

Photo Credit : Tinou Bao

» Download Your Free Guide Now
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