FREE Guide on How to Photograph Lightning

Nothing is quite as beautiful (or fascinating) as a huge bolt of lightning streaking across the sky.

Who amongst us hasn’t stood outside, and watched in awe, as lightning bolts revealed their raw power in the distance?

Everyone from authors, to poets, to philosophers, to painters, and yes- even photographers: have found lightning a fascinating subject.

Capturing images of lightning – looks difficult.

However, with a little knowledge and a healthy dose of luck- it’s not all that tough.

This week’s FREE quick guide gives you all the basics on capturing exciting photographs of lightning.

Author, Jason Little, gives you step-by-step instructions-

  • What type of storms you need to look for (I didn’t even know that mattered!
  • What equipment you must have (There are certain items that you really need.)
  • Why you want to shoot at F/11.0 (Believe it or not- there’s a good reason)
  • Important post-production tips (This is really important as accurate exposure is difficult to determine)

Image Credit : Warren Tyrer

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