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You and I are photographers. I bet we fear some of the same things…

Do these concerns sound familiar?

1. You’ve been shooting all day and suddenly your camera is giving you a “Card Error”.

2. After a great morning of photography, you stop for lunch. Before you leave, you change out your memory cards… and forget one sitting on the countertop at the cafe.

3. You’ve returned from the vacation of a lifetime- only to realize that you left your memory cards in your pants pocket and they went through the laundry.

All of these situations are very real possibilities in life.

This week we are introducing a new writer to His name is Andrew Darlow.

Andrew has written articles for such prestigious publications as Rangefinder Magazine, and Professional Photographer Magazine. He was also the Editorial Director for Digital Imaging Techniques Magazine, and he has served as an instructor for Calumet Photo, Unique Photo, and the International Center for Photography.

His Quick Guide this week is on the subject of “Managing Your Media Cards”.

Andrew will cover some valuable tips such as:

  • How to ensure that your lost media cards could be returned to you
  • Why it’s important to keep track of which card has been in which camera
  • How to safely store your cards
  • A BIG TIP on how to determine which cards have been used and which haven’t
  • A very helpful discussion on whether you should ‘write protect’ your cards or not
  • And… Can your memory cards wear out… this article gets you informed

Photo Credit: Andrew Darlow

» Download Your Free Guide Now
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