FREE Guide – How to Use Your Flash when Shooting Macro

If you like creating macro photographs, I know you will identify with this statement…

Most of the time, Mother Nature doesn’t provide you with the best light when you find the best macro shot!

This issue is “magnified” (pun intended) by the annoying little fact that light loss is a major issue when using a camera and lens at high magnification.

(Rarely, will natural light give you enough of an aperture to achieve a reasonable depth-of-field; augmenting natural light with electronic flash is the perfect answer.)

I know that many of you are probably thinking, “Carrying an electronic flash and all the accessories is a lot of gear to haul around…”

However, it really isn’t- not if you know the ‘Right Gear’ and ‘How to Use It’!

This is what you’ll learn from Jason Little’s guide to ‘Using Flash in Macro Photography’.

Here are some of the topics he covers-

  • Why the use of electronic flash is important to your image quality?
  • How to MIX your electronic flash with the available light…
  • Why many lighting options abound, but all are not equal!
  • The proper positioning of your electronic flash in macro work-
  • How to modify the light from your electronic flash for the best possible image…
  • What settings do you want to use on your camera, and electronic flash, when shooting outstanding macro photographs?
  • Plus there are many example photographs included

Photo Credit : Magnus Hagdorn

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BONUS- 65 Photography Project Cheat Sheets [PRINTABLE]

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