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Have you ever been asked to create a headshot portrait for someone?

Maybe it was your friend, the insurance agent. Or, maybe it was your sister who needed a picture for the church directory. Or, maybe you’ve even gone professional and you have to create 50 headshots in under 2 hours at a local company?

One thing is for sure-

If you’ve invested in nice camera equipment, someone, at some point, is going to ask you to take his or her headshot.

So, let’s just say this straight-up…

Creating a professional level headshot isn’t as easy as anyone might think.

We asked professional photographer and author, Kent DuFault, to write us a guide on how to create wonderful headshots.

Kent knows what he’s talking about. He’s created headshots for numerous Fortune 500 Company executives, professional athletes, and even a few Hollywood types.

Here are some of the points covered in Kent’s Quick Guide-

  • How to set up a headshot booth
  • How to light a headshot
  • Establishing a vertical or horizontal format
  • Setting up a lighting ratio
  • Analyzing skin tone and exposure
  • Mixing ambient light and flash
  • Establishing a proper POV
  • Establishing the client’s expectations

And much more… This guide is packed with information, diagrams, and examples.

Photo Credit : Timothy Marsee

» Download Your Free Guide Now
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