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Humans LOVE to experience emotion. Nothing bores us faster than a lack of emotional stimulus.

That’s why it’s important to create an emotional response in your photographs.

If you don’t infuse some emotional context to your images- people will simply glance at your photos and move on.

An emotional reaction is the glue that keeps a viewer riveted to your photographs.

Our free guide this week is titled; “5 Awesome Ways to Add Emotion to your Photographs”.

Here are some of the topics covered by author, Kent DuFault.

  • The direction of light, and the quality of light, can ratchet up the emotional response to your photograph- or leave it hanging like a wet noodle.
  • Your choice of point-of-view, (POV), can create high drama: or turn your photograph into a midday snooze.
  • The choice of color, which YOU include in your photograph, can set off a rocket fueled with emotion- or turn it into a fizzled dud.
  • Your composition, your placement of the subject within the frame, can generate a huge emotional response- or provide a big fat nothing for your viewers.
  • Why - “getting the shot first” - should be your emotion-driven photographic mantra.

Photo Credit : maf04

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