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What topics are included:

The Action Cards™ are conveniently organised and color-coded into 2 complete sets. They were specifically designed to work together as a whole. Each card, and each set within the group, were designed to help you strengthen and discover certain photographic skills.

The Genre Set:

Uncover your ‘place’ in the photography world. This set allows you to test the waters for 31 different genres of photographic imaging.

Including: Architectural, Artistic Abstracts, Bird Photography, B&W, Couples, Family, Food Photography, High Key, Landscapes, Lighthouses, Low Key, Macro, Maternity, Minimalist, Portraits: Children, Portraits: Men, Portraits: Teens, Portraits: Women, Moonscape Photography, Newborns, Night Photography, Pets, Zoo, Sports, Still Life, Street Candid, Street Portraits, Travel, Waterscapes, Windows & Doors, Flower Photography (+free bonuses!)

The Composition Set:

Discover which composition tools fit your style. This set of 34 Cards will give you a complete understanding of the various rules, tools, and concepts of composition.

Including: Leading Lines, Color Contrast, Depth of Field, Diagonal Lines, Two Thirds / One Third, Dynamic Angles, Filing the Frame, Focal Point, Frames, Horizons, Juxtaposition, Layering, Lens Focal Length, Lines of Sight, Monochromatic Color, Motion, Movement & Positioning, Negative Space, Off Centre Subjects, Patterns, Relative Size, Repetition, Rule of Odds, Rule of Thirds, S & Z Curves, Shadows, Silhouettes, Spirals, Texture, Symmetry & Balance, Spot Color, Tone Contrast, Using Shape, Visual Weight & Direction (+ free bonuses!)

Quick Recap:

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