Foreground, Middle Ground, Background: Giving Each Its Due – Free Quick Guide

Awareness of what’s going on in your compositions’ foreground, middle ground, and background helps you take better photos.

Many beginning photographers concentrate on their subject alone and forget how vital the other layers of a photo are.

Composition is a key to any great photo.

Being aware of the three levels of depth within a photo helps you better use the space within your frame.

You see in three dimensions, but photographs are only two dimensional. If you can translate the perceived depth into a flat image, your photos will be more attractive.

The background of a photo is usually at the top of the frame. Sometimes it’s also at the sides. The middle ground makes up the midsection of an image, and it’s usually where the main subject of a photo is. The foreground can be in any part of the frame.

In this guide, author Kevin Landwer-Johan will offer you some perspective on how giving each layer of composition its due will better your photos.

Here is what you’ll get in this quick read:

  • Why you need to look at what’s in front of and behind your subject
  • How your choice of lens affects the layering of foreground, middle, and background
  • Using depth of field to create your composition
  • How leading lines work with layers
  • Why framing is important
  • Using foreground interest to set the stage for a photo

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Photo Credit: Kevin Landwer-Johan

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