Fill Light – Free Quick Guide

Mastering the skill of how to create and effectively use light is a key development in the learning progress of a photographer.

It is also one of the most difficult skills for photographers to grasp.

Fill lighting is a mainstay in the photography lighting toolbox.

It helps to reduce contrast, open up shadows, eliminate unwanted shadows, and assist in the creation of beautiful frontal lighting for almost any subject.

It’s important to grasp what it is and how to use it.

This Quick Guide was written by author, photographer, and educator Kevin Landwer-Johan. Kevin is a new writer for Photzy. He teaches photography workshops in Thailand.

Kevin is going to share with you his insight on the following topics as related to the use of “fill lighting”:

  • When to use a fill light
  • How to set your exposure when using a fill light
  • What to use as a fill light
  • The quality of light you introduce with a fill light
  • When not to use a fill light

Photo Credit: Kevin Landwer-Johan

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