Famous Photographer Quotes – Free Quick Guide

What better way to learn something about photography than to hear words of wisdom from a master photographer.

Many of us are new to photography, and some of these names may not ring a bell to you.

But rest assured, these are some of the REAL masters of the medium. They were the pioneers that took photography from a speculative and somewhat disregarded activity to a respected art form and business opportunity.

We’ve all heard of Ansel Adams. Did you know that for most of his lifetime his photography had no commercial merit? It was only in his later years that he became recognized as the master photographer and darkroom technician that he was.

However, there were many other photographers whose names you may not be familiar with. Names like Richard Avedon, Elliott Erwitt, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Garry Winogrand, Tony Ray Jones, Brett Weston, Diane Arbus, and Don McCullin are just a few.

These photographers also helped forge the photography world into the one that we know and love today.

Studying what they had to say about photography is a great tool for building your confidence, improving your images, and giving you ideas on how to grow in your own photographic vision.

Robin Nichols, who himself is a master photographer (he teaches photography at the university level), still studies what photographers who came before him had to say about the medium.

He wrote us a free quick guide that talks about some of these photographers and how he has applied their words of wisdom to his own work.

It’s a fascinating read! And, it will help speed up and jump start your creative vision.

Photo Credit: Robin Nichols

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