Facts Regarding Large Camera Sensors – Free Quick Guide

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The “Full Frame” sensor camera! It’s a miracle!

Is it? Do you really need one?

Let’s face it… They cost quite a few dollars.

This week Chuck Haacker gets technical and gives you the news on “Big Camera Sensors”.

Here is what you will learn:

  • How do we define “large” in a digital camera sensor?
  • Is “bigger” better?
  • Resolution
  • Low light
  • Greater dynamic range (latitude)
  • Less visible noise (digital “grain”)
  • Can tolerate more cropping
  • Can handle higher ISOs with less loss of resolution and less noise
  • Does “bigger” have any drawbacks?
  • Physical size and weight
  • Depth of field
  • Bokeh (blur) easier, and harder to control
  • You need a full frame sensor camera, right?

Let’s grab our copy and learn about “Full Frame” sensors today!

» Download Your Free Guide Now
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